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Verse 1: Broken Coaltrain

Poverty gap, gentrify your home
Government check, food stamp
She feeling all alone
Little mama gotta take the bus to third shift
Getting cat called she feeling like she deserves this
Waking up everyday feeling dismissed
Gotta work the three jobs to keep on paying the rent
Keep on making that bread to keep her children fed
Slinging on the side to afford her daily mess
We went from afros and Black Panthers
To MTV, Impalas
To wearing chains, skinny jeans
Draped in vanity
Now Eric Garner screaming 'help I can't breath'
We see the everyday pain of many people in grief
You blaming Marcus Garvey for hate
But y'all the ones who voted for the Alt-Right brigade
You acting pompous and preach
Instead of humbly teach
But everyday living
What you doing for peace?

Hook: Broken Coaltrain

Let the gods sing
Let the masses breath
Teach us self esteem
Don't sell out your dream

Verse 2: Mama Lou

All of our children need an education
To make us a strong, productive nation
But why are the poor and the kids of color
Whose brains have to wait while their bodies get taller
Constantly denied the true opportunity
(pause) To make their mark in society
Until we engage all of our neighbors
In an education for all of our scholars
This achievement gap begins when they are babies
Continues to get wider, now they labelled lazy
Today we have DeVos pushing schools of choice
Choice! For who! The ones with no knowledge or voice?
We know this to be the new name of segregation
Shaking our communities to their foundation
Without the destruction of these chains
Our nation will never make great gains

Hook: Mama Lou

Knowledge is power
Educate and inform
Create a free people
Enlighten and unify

Verse 3: Lotta' Mae

This system that we live in
Ain’t for us living
Their origin, was only given, by forced division
Made us build infrastructure, destroyed our land
Stripped our beliefs, names and said, “you can’t but we can”
Produced the klan, deprived melanin and common sense
Toxic vents, food, society, education. Created ruin of this so-called nation
But when you look at it, who are they really playing? Ha
Well they played monopoly on our backs like we were simple tools
Gained knowledge from us, but then claimed we were fools
That ain’t cool
Unless you see society’s view
Which doesn’t benefit me nor you
But helps this system bring us to doom
It says in the Word His name would become naught
And it did because His true name wasn’t taught
Yahuah, Elohim, Abba, Yah Almighty
The only one that can save us,
Not Society

Hook: Lotta' Mae

Our people are crying
Innocent loved ones dying
This systems structure ain’t for us
We need to unify, fix our minds, and emphasize love.

Outro: Broken Coal Train, Lotta' Mae, Mama Lou

Black Wall Street
MOVE Movement
Brandon Stanley
Daniel Shavel
Dylan Noble
Emmitt Till, JFK,
Martin Luther, Robert Kennedy,
Tony Sullivan, Trinity Gay


from Agents of Change Volume 1, released June 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Believing In Forever Lexington, Kentucky

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