F​.​A​.​C​.​E. Time (Elli P solo)

from by Agents of Change (University of Kentucky CLD Class)

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Verse 1

Somewhere between the birth of hip hop
And the birth of the crack rock
A single black mother was going through the struggle
Gave birth to fresh p aka my pops
Growing up fresh p ain't really know no better
He knew that they were broke and they ain't have no cheddar
No filet mignon
No gray poupon
Just a youngin learnin to be a man from his mom
A couple kids would clown
Cause his daddy ain't around
But he took it on the chin and never really made a sound
When it came to absent fathers it was never brought up
So Chris and lil fresh p had to make each other tough
One day he got tested
By a streetwise veteran
Who'd already been arrested
Then quickly got bested
It was the first L he ever took
It was clear to see that fresh was shook
Surprise was in his eyes
cause it didn't go by the book
Then he got to thinkin
Curiosity was peakin
Let's dive into his head and listen to his mind speakin
Maybe if my pops was around I'd be aware
That not everybody fights fair
To never back down
To never get scared
Any words of wisdom from his life that he could share
He found a father figure on the screen
Watching heart to hearts and placed himself in every scene
He was Arnold with mr.durmand
Theo with cliff huxtable
Made a vow to himself his kids will be comfortable
He’ll teach them to take responsibility and all the other things like the birds and the bees
And how to work towards a college degree
And exactly what a good dad should be
Fresh P

Verse 2

Fresh P is grown now
He just turned 21
Hit the bar with the guys cause it's time to have some fun
Saw this bad lil shawty made him think that she's the one
Shortly after that their Love had begun
Makin trips to Richmond every single freakin weekend
Patiently waiting for lil red to start leakin
Fresh and lil red got a pregnancy test
She came out the restroom with something on her chest
Look fresh, I'm pregnant
You can stay or leave
Ima raise this baby and finish my degree
An in and out boy is something we don't need
We need a real man to stand up for his beliefs

Hold on wait a minute
You thought I was finished
Girl on not about to leave and be a phantom menace
I'm a real man
I stay about my business
My son won't grow up feelin hate and resentment
Mary Carol
The mother and creator
My seed’s incubator
Tried to make me darth Vader
I'm not the bad guy
Real man till I die
Were you thinkin all the stories bout my father were some lies
Ima be here if we together or not
An absent black father something fresh p is not
I'll work double shifts
Clock in on the dot
Just to make sure he has all the things I never got
Now I'm 44 with a son and a daughter
Living every single day as a proud black father
My sons a super star
On the mat and spotting bars
I guess it paid off
Rap battles in the car
Doing sprints up in the yard
Talking life heart to heart
We have the kind of bond that you can never break apart

My daughter is a actress
Attitude to match it
Divas like vocals slash political activist
Award winning poet
Can tear jerk a stoic
When she came out the closet
Happy she exposed it
As someone persecuted
I know that it can be tough
All the looks they give you I know that they can be rough
It can give the feeling like you'll never be enough
But when it comes to family know it's nothing but love

Verse 3

Fresh p,
You were there from the start
You you stuck around and never wanted to dart
Never laid a hand unless I wanted to spar
You're the reason that I even made it this far
You put me in the music from wu-tang to biggie
Common sense to 50
It's something that stuck with me
Snoop dogg and dr dre
Nasty mad and any other joint from back in your day
When I was born you were slightly younger than me
I can't even imagine
I don't even have my college degree
And yet
You set the bar for what a good dad should be
I hope one day as a father
I'm something like fresh p
Never missed a game, a performance, or a match
When it's time to celebrate
he's the one that starts the clap
has a smile that'll light up any room he's in
He's never met a person that could not be his friend
Everybody tries to do their best impression
A few came close but it's just not him
We spend fathers and Mother's Day with my nana
I took the opportunity to ask about my grandpa
they told me he's somewhere out in British guiana
He said that's someone that I'm really not a fan of
I didn't need him though
Your nana she was both
He wrapped his arms around her with some tears in his eyes
Imagine if you will, a John coffee cry
These were tears of joy
No, fresh wasn't sad
This woman right here
She's my mom and my dad
I knew right then and there
That life isn't fair
Our stories don't compare
Because my dad was always there


from Agents of Change Volume 1, released June 23, 2017



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Believing In Forever Lexington, Kentucky

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